Torah Portion Metzora: Lev 14:1 – 15:33

Metzora is Hebrew for “leper.”

Summary of Metzora:  After the leper is cleansed, there are various sacrificial rituals performed with birds.  The former leper shaves off all his body hair and bathes in water, then sacrifices a lamb for a burnt offering and a mincha (meal or grain) offering.  If he can’t afford the lamb, there are other sacrifices that he can make.  There is a possibility that in the Promised Land, houses may have leprous afflictions.  There are instructions on how to handle them, including scraping the bricks, removing those that can’t be cleaned, and replastering the house to await the return of “leprosy.”  Various sacrifices are performed afterwards.  The portion ends with uncleanliness connected to a man’s nocturnal emissions or a woman’s menstrual flow.