Torah Portion V'Zot Ha'bracha

V'Zot Ha'Bracha  is Hebrew for "And this is the blessing..." specifically referring to the blessing that Moses gives to the tribes before his death.  This is the final Torah portion.

Synopsis: Moses blesses the tribes of Israel, somehow omitting the tribe of Simeon.  At the end of the Torah, Moses dies and is buried on Mt. Nebo, but no one knows where his grave is.  He was 120 years old and the Children of Israel mourned for 30 days.  The Torah declares that there would be no greater prophet than Moses.   The Torah ends with the following words: And a prophet did not rise again in Israel like Moses whom YHVH knew face to face. And to all a strong hand and to all the great for all the signs and the wonders that YHVH sent him to do in the land of Egypt to Pharaoh and to all his servants and to all his land.  And to all the strong hand and to all the great terror that Moses did before the eyes of all Israel.